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How Much Do Movers Charge

How Much Do Movers Charge

How Much Do Movers Charge: The Minimum Fee for Working Time

Moving is a complicated process and there is a lot to consider. Budgeting for a move is paramount in knowing what moving services you can afford. Understanding how movers charge for services will help you get started with the moving process. The low-cost movers at Déménagement Total will share with you the approach they take in creating a price estimate for your move.

How much do movers charge is conditioned by many factors:

  • time of year you are moving (off-season is August-April/; high season is May-July)
  • day of the week you are moving (weekends are much busier)
  • distance between the two addresses
  • number of movers needed
  • size of the moving truck required
  • types of items to be moved
  • heavy objects to be moved (piano moving, pool table moving, large aquarium, etc.)
  • number of floors (how many staircases, elevator access, etc.)
  • moving equipment needed
  • moving services required

These factors will be discussed more in depth throughout the article to explain how much do movers charge.

Movers Charge A Minimum of Working Time

Our low-cost movers charge a minimum working time and travel time. If moving within the Montreal area, we charge for a minimum travel time of 1 hour round trip. Some customers may wonder why we charge a minimum of one hour when they are only moving 20 minutes away. The one hour is based on 30 mins to get to your home and 30 mins to get back to our garage.

Our affordable moving company has to pay for gas and maintenance of our trucks and equipment to provide the very best service for our valued customers. Not to mention the cost to pay our movers plus all the other daily expenses it costs to perform our services.

To find out how much do movers charge and view a detailed table of the prices for our moving services, click here.

Moving Is Hard Work and Requires A Lot of Time and Energy

how much do movers chargeBeing a mover is not an easy feat. Moving is extremely hard work and very taxing on the body. Doing physical labor every day requires strength, both physically and emotionally. At Déménagement Total, we feel it is incredibly important to pay our workers well, and they deserve a fair wage for the hard work they put in for our customers.

How much do movers charge is dependent on the abilities of the movers. Our low-cost movers are not just strong but have been through rigorous training. They have the skills and knowledge to tackle even the most complicated problems when it comes to moving. At Déménagement Total, our moving team is like family, and we treat our low-cost movers with respect and pay them fairly. Keeping our team happy in turn gives our customers optimal service. Happy employees – equals happy customers.

By charging a minimum, customers can be sure that movers are being fairly compensated for their efforts

There are moving companies out there that pay their movers very little. These movers are likely not happy to be putting in great effort for little reward. These companies have a high employee turnover and because of this, they have inexperienced movers working for them. They cannot guarantee high quality service like Déménagement Total can.

How much do movers charge really depends on the skill level of the movers. Our movers all have years of experience in the moving industry. This is their career, not a quick gig to make a few bucks. In life you get what you pay for. You wouldn’t hire a discount doctor with no experience to take care of your health, why hire cheap movers to take care of your move?

Plus, be mindful of the fact that cheap movers may end up damaging your items. Even one item being damaged, like your flat screen TV for instance, could end up costing you thousands to replace. Don’t cheap out on hiring an affordable moving company. How much do movers charge upfront may not be what you actually end up paying after having to replace damaged items due to improper moving techniques. Luckily, you can get affordability and great service with Déménagement Total.

Movers Charge for Insurance, but It’s Worth It

First of all, movers can’t provide actual insurance, but they can provide coverage which acts as an insurance policy for your items while moving. Depending on which low-cost movers you hire for your job, they may have different ways of dealing with insurance. Déménagement Total offers 2 different approaches to decide upon a replacement cost for your valuable items.

How much do movers charge depends on what kind of coverage you are looking for. We offer a choice between full-value coverage, which will cover the cost of what you paid for your items, and actual value coverage, which covers the cost that your items would be worth today. You can also discuss with your affordable moving company the deductible amount you’d like to pay.

Is this service worth it? Moving experts say yes. It is worth it to pay a small percentage of your items overall value to protect yourself during a move in the case something gets damaged or lost. When it comes to your personal things, knowing they are being taken care properly can be a huge relief when moving.

A Great Moving Company Will Always Be Upfront with Costs

how much do movers chargeHow much do movers charge is influenced by all the factors listed above so getting a detailed estimate at the start of the move is paramount to understanding what the movers are charging for.

A trustworthy, affordable moving company will ask a lot of questions or even come out and do an assessment of your move. Based on all the factors of your situation, they will be able to give you a clear, concise estimate with a breakdown of all costs. This will be a written document so you can feel confident that you will know exactly what you are paying for.

With Déménagement Total, there will never be any surprise costs at the end of the move. You always know exactly what you will pay for. This allows you to trust in the process and feel confident that you are working with an honest and fair affordable moving company.

Quality and Affordability Is Possible

Hiring low-cost movers doesn’t need to mean sacrificing quality. With Déménagement Total, you get top notch service for competitive pricing. Our affordable moving company’s motto is “Moving Everywhere for Everyone.” We have moving packages to meet every budget and regardless how much you have to spend, we will always give 100% effort to meet our customer’s needs. You really get the best with our affordable moving company.

So, are you still asking how much do movers charge? If so, give us a call and our customer service representatives would be more than happy to discuss our pricing plans to help you find one that works for your budget. Give us a call or click the link the get started with your affordable move!

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