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Moving from Brossard to Drummondville

Moving from Brossard to Drummondville

Many people want to leave the Greater Montreal Area to settle down in a smaller city. Just like so many people, are you wondering if moving from Brossard to Drummondville is the right thing for you?

Would it be because of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, the expansion of remote work, or for another reason? No matter what the reason is, it is important to get the support of a professional moving company.

Moving from Brossard to Drummondville is considered as a long-distance move when we consider both cities are separated by over 100 km.

Both a residential move and a commercial move over such a distance require more planning and precautions than a local move completed across the neighbourhood. Trust the experience of a company with lots of experience in such moves.

A professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, can also offer you complementary services to the basic transportation of your belongings. For example, we have a complete turnkey solution, a storage service and a delivery service.


Besides joining family members or to get closer to work, the main reason why people are moving from Brossard to Drummondville is to live in a smaller city in order to have a greater quality of life. Drummondville offers a pace of life much slower and in a more spacious life environment than in larger cities.

Drummondville is a small town of some 70,000 inhabitants. Although this seems small, this is the largest city in the Centre-du-Quebec region, and that allows it to offer a complete range of services to its population. Moving from Brossard to Drummondville thus does not mean you will be lost in the countryside, although the city is surrounded by farmland.

The city is located along Highway 20, so you can easily get to Montreal in about an hour. Because of the highway, you can easily go east or west to reach virtually any location.

Drummondville is one of the two contested birth place of Quebec’s iconic “poutine”, that is now known in so many countries. Each year, there is a music festival to celebrate this famous fries-cheese-sauce dish. This festival is only one of the dozens of cultural activities taking place during the year.

Household Move from Brossard to Drummondville

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Most of the moves we make are residential moves, so people are moving from Brossard to Drummondville. Lots of individuals and families choose to move in order to settle down in a smaller town, one that is offering them a better quality of life.

Since you have to cover over 100 km when moving from Brossard to Drummondville, this is considered a long-distance move. Such a move requires a bit more planning and a lot more care protecting the goods, both in their packing and in their storing aboard the moving truck.

Large furniture items will be dismantled to adequately protect each one of their components individually. Of course, our specialists will reassemble your furniture once they have reached Drummondville, in order for you to continue using them as you do now.

We can move any kind of items, even the most uncommon ones, like a piano, a pool table, an aquarium or a home gym. We have the expertise and the tools/accessories to handle those articles with care, while ensuring their absolute integrity.

Your household appliances will also be well protected during the long trip and they could also be reconnected at the new address, should you wish so.

Business Move from Brossard to Drummondville

Sometimes, it is a company that needs moving from Brossard to Drummondville. In such a case, it is much more reassuring to do business with a professional moving company who has lots of experience making commercial moves, because it will ensure to reduce the downtime of your company as much as possible, allowing you to resume serving your clients quickly.

No matter the field your company operates in, from a small local boutique to a production plant, from a professional’s firm to a restaurant, we have the required experience, skills and equipment to ensure that your transition will be done smoothly, within the allowed timeframes and by minimizing your downtime.

Moving from Brossard to Drummondville is not a simple task for a business, whatever the area it operates in, so entrust the operation to moving professionals, like Déménagement Total, just as you are professionals in your own area.

Other Moving Services from Brossard to Drummondville 

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Are you overwhelmed by all the things you have to do while moving from Brossard to Drummondville?

Then contact us and ask about our all-included turnkey solution, with which we take care of absolutely everything related to the transportation of your belongings, from packing to the final installation.

Another service that could interest you is the short-term storage service, which could be useful to you before or after moving from Brossard to Drummondville to store up things until your new residence or office space is ready.

Among the other services we provide is the one of delivery. With this service, we can deliver to Drummondville any item you might have purchased in the Greater Montreal Area, but for which the regular delivery from the vendor is not available, takes too much time or is too costly.

To us, it does not matter if it is a large furniture item for your house, a counter for your store or a piece of machinery for your plant, we can handle it for you.

Moving Company from Brossard to Drummondville 

If you think about moving from Brossard to Drummondville for any reason, it is preferable to use the services of a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, to ensure the full protection of belongings during such a long-distance move.

Whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move, we have all the human and material resources to address all your needs.

Our experts will handle and pack all your furniture and household appliances with great care and professionalism when moving from Brossard to Drummondville.

Contact us us today to discuss your moving project or any need you may have related to moving stuff around.

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