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Moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières

Moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières

Among those deciding to leave the Greater Montreal Area, some make the choice of moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières.

Trois-Rivières a well-liked destination, because that is a small city offering all the common advantages of a larger city while having a slower pace of life, and it is located on the shore of the river.

Both families and companies consider moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières in order to improve their living and working conditions. The new popularity of remote working, pushed by the COVID-19 pandemic, offers more flexibility than ever.

Considering the distance involved, this type of move, whether it is being residential or commercial, is considered like a long-distance move. This adds up to the task’s complexity, and it is thus clearly best to entrust it to a professional moving company.


Trois-Rivières is located at the mid-point between Montreal and Quebec City, some 140 km away from Laval. Many people wanting to leave the Montreal area for a better life environment consider moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières, which is a human-size city (about 140,000 inhabitants), with all services commonly used by citizens.

The city of Trois-Rivières is a student city because of its university and college, a famous sports city because of its Grand Prix, it also features rich cultural and social activities besides being along the St. Lawrence River for all nautical activities.

The city is linked to the south shore of the river by a bridge, which is very practical for trips all over the province.

Moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières is truly choosing much better living conditions than in the Greater Montreal Area. The city has a historic neighbourhood where you can walk slowly and, at the same time, discover the history of the city and the province.

Many microbreweries are established in Trois-Rivières area, so you could enjoy them fully.

Residential Moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières

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In the case of a commercial move, after having all items safely moved from point A to point B, the priority is to reduce the business downtime to the minimum.

We know fully that a business cannot be unable to serve its clients for a long period if it wants to remain in operation.

While moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières, it is thus very important to prepare the move and the following recovery by planning the installation within the new location in order to make a quick recovery of the commercial activities possible.

We have moved many companies from various sectors. We are able to transfer all types of goods and machinery. Size, weight or quantity do not scare us; we can easily adapt to all situations with a minimal preparation.

Déménagement Total is thus your best partner when you consider moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières, whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move.

Commercial Moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières

Dans le cas d’un déménagement commercial, après avoir assuré l’intégrité des biens déplacés du point A au point B la priorité est de diminuer le temps d’inactivité de l’entreprise qui déménage.

Nous sommes pleinement conscients qu’une entreprise ne peut être incapable de servir ses clients sur une longue période si elle veut demeurer active.

Pour un déménagement Laval-Trois-Rivières, il est donc important de bien planifier la préparation du déménagement et sa récupération en planifiant soigneusement l’installation dans les nouveaux locaux afin de permettre une reprise rapide des activités.

Nous avons déménagé de très nombreuses compagnies dans de nombreux secteurs. Nous sommes capables de transférer tout type de biens ou de machines. La taille, le poids ou la quantité ne nous font pas peur ; nous pouvons aisément nous adapter à toutes les situations avec un minimum de préparation.

Déménagement Total est donc votre meilleur partenaire pour effectuer un déménagement Laval-Trois-Rivières, qu’il soit commercial ou industriel.

Moving Non-Standard Items from Laval to Trois-Rivières

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We can also take care and manage non-standard items like pianos, pool tables, etc., that require skills and tools to be handled and moved.

Our professional movers have all the expertise and the required tools to disassemble and reassemble various furniture pieces to transport them with the optimal protection.

Each item will be disassembled, parts will be wrapped and packed before being stored onboard the moving truck. After moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières all your belongings, the items will be reassembled, so they recover their beauty and function.

Entrusting the move of complex articles to professional movers is the best way to protect them and to avoid injuries following a bad handling. That is also a good idea to avoid the worries about planning such a delicate operation and the problems of dealing with the insurance in case an accident happens.

Whether it is while moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières or simply to move around a large object within your house, you can trust our expert movers to make sure every move is made smoothly.

Moving Company from Laval to Trois-Rivières

Trois-Rivières has many great selling points attracting people from the Montreal area, and many people seriously consider moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières. They find there a better quality of life within a smaller city, while still offering almost all services and full social and cultural lives.

Moving from Laval to Trois-Rivières that is also being located right in the center of the province, which is extremely convenient if you need to travel a lot on both shores of the St. Lawrence River.

Since this is considered a long-distance move, it is preferable to enlist the help of a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total.

We have a large fleet of moving trucks of all sizes, and many experienced movers; we thus can take care of all types of residential moves and commercial moves efficiently.

Contact us today to discuss your projects and needs; we will create a custom package for you.

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