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Moving Furniture – Safe Way to Move Furniture

Moving Furniture – Safe Way to Move Furniture

The Safe Way to Move Furniture

When you’re moving to a new home there are many things to consider, including how to safely move your belongings to their new location. This is often harder than it first seems.

Moving furniture safely can be a challenge as furniture tends to be heavy and awkward objects to move. When people try to move their furniture themselves, there tends to be a lot of bumps along the way. The furniture can get dropped or bumped, resulting in scratches and bumps and worst-case scenario, become damaged beyond repair.

Walls can also be scraped and dented by improper furniture moving methods. Worse yet, the people moving the furniture can become injured by attempting to move heavy furniture incorrectly.

Hiring a reputable furniture moving company like Déménagement Total can make all the difference. Professional furniture movers know all the ins and outs of moving furniture and can get your job done safely and effectively.

What the Experts Know

Moving Furniture
Moving Furniture

After years of experience moving all types of furniture, our expert furniture movers know how to safely move furniture of all types.

Some of the furniture our furniture movers have handled over the years are things like:

  • Bedrooms. Beds of all sizes, dressers, armoires, nightstands, closet organizers, chests, bookshelves
  • Kitchen/Dining room. Large tables, chairs, China cabinets, sideboards, bars, cabinets.
  • Living room. Couches, love seats, coffee tables, side tables, entertainment centers, ottomans.
  • Den/Office. Desks, filing cabinets, shelves, drawing board, drafting tables.
  • Miscellaneous. Bathroom cabinetry, chests, heavy safes, pianos, pool table, snooker tables, aquariums, display cases, work benches, garage cabinetry and storage shelves, patio sets, etc.

No matter the type of furniture you need moved, our professional furniture movers make moving furniture easy.

Our 5 tips from our furniture moving company to safely move furniture

Moving Furniture
Moving Furniture
  1. Have A Plan. Effectively moving furniture requires you to have a plan first. Our furniture movers will assess the situation before starting. They will walk through the premises and decide which room to move first, second, third, etc. They are also thinking about the most efficient way to load the truck so that is considered as well. Moving is like putting a puzzle together, and a professional moving company already knows what the finished picture looks like, so it’s easy to put the pieces in place.
  2. Take Furniture Apart. This is an important step in moving especially large pieces of furniture. Rather than struggling to move something extremely big and heavy, simply take the furniture apart in order to move it in small pieces. Our furniture movers have the tools to get the job done right when moving furniture. They will come prepared with special screwdrivers and wrenches to take apart any type of furniture. A dining table is a perfect example, by removing the legs and sections, this table that weighs a lot together is much more manageable when taken apart. Even if the furniture cannot be taken apart, our furniture movers still have tricks to make them easier to move. Take a sofa couch for example. Removing the pillows and cushions may not seem like a big deal, but by removing them you decrease the weight of the couch, and you also can have a better grip on it while moving. Plus, then the cushions can be wrapped in plastic to guarantee they won’t become dirty or damaged in the move.
  3. Use Specialized Moving Equipment. Our skilled furniture movers have all the necessary equipment for moving furniture. Things like furniture pads to protect soft woods and leather, or any other type of furniture that can be easily damaged. They have gliders to slide heavy furniture while protecting the floors. Our furniture movers use shoulder straps to assist with heavy but liftable things. This helps distribute the weight of the object and reduces the chance of muscle strain and injury for the furniture movers. A professional furniture moving company will also provide hand trucks and furniture dollies to lift and move heavy pieces of furniture. This allows the furniture movers to maneuver these otherwise awkward objects smoothly. Knowing how to use these specialized moving equipment takes great skill and understanding which our furniture movers have. Having the tools without the training is like driving a car without a license. Just because you have a car doesn’t mean you know how to drive it. Just because you can rent a hand truck and dolly, doesn’t mean that you won’t still get hurt or damage furniture. When it comes to moving furniture It’s always best to hire professionals to keep your valuable furniture in excellent condition during a move.
  4. Clear A Path. When our furniture movers do their initial walk through of your home, they will also make efforts to clear the path that your furniture movers will need to take in order to get your furniture to the truck. This may mean that they need to move furniture from the hallways and entrance way first, if they may be an obstacle during the moving process. If there are loose cords, ripped carpet or other tripping hazards, they will be taped down or removed if possible. Our furniture movers will also clear an outdoor path, ensuring there is nothing in the way of the movers and your furniture getting safely to the truck. Some obstacles like uneven pavement or terrain that cannot be cleared, the furniture movers man lay out a rubber mat or just be extremely cautious and mindful of the hurdle when moving. Our furniture movers are constantly communicating with each other in order to make moving furniture a successful event. Working movers are not talking about their weekend plans while moving furniture, they are highly alert to their surroundings and talking to each other about their next steps. This is necessary to ensure that furniture does not get bumped or that a mover doesn’t trip or stumble. Our furniture moving company takes great pride in providing only top-notch service to all our customers.
  5. Be Prepared for the Weather. Weather can be unpredictable, especially in Canada, but it’s important to be mindful of weather conditions when moving furniture. If you are moving in the winter, then it’s already assumed that there will be snow on the ground and accommodations need to be made for that, such as movers wearing booties inside the house and taking them off at the front door, before trekking through the snow. If there is a blizzard or if it’s raining, furniture movers will do their best to protect your things by covering them with plastic wrap. However, if there is a torrential downpour or dangerous winds, the furniture moving company may have to reschedule your move. The safety of our furniture movers as well as the condition of your things needs to be priority.

Moving Furniture the Easy and Safe Way with Déménagement Total

When it comes to moving furniture, Déménagement Total has all the right stuff to get the job done right.

We care deeply about customer satisfaction and will handle every piece of furniture, whether big or small with the utmost care and respect.

Move your furniture the easy and safe way! Give us a call today and get a free estimate.

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