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Moving Mont Saint-Hilaire

Moving Mont Saint-Hilaire

Moving Mont Saint-Hilaire

Moving Service in Mont Saint-Hilaire – Reliable Movers
moving Mont Saint-Hilaire

Our company offers residential and commercial moving services in Mont Saint-Hilaire at competitive prices. Entrust the entire process to a moving professional and your relocation project will be carried out without stress and with confidence! Déménagement Total offers personalized moving solutions with the guarantee of the highest level of service. Our movers in Mont Saint-Hilaire are highly qualified, well trained and very efficient.

We also comply with all the mandatory epidemiological requirements and it’s very important to us to stay healthy and to keep our customers healthy during these difficult times.

We took all the necessary measures for not spreading the virus and we take care that all our employees wear face masks during the work.

When you have completed the construction of your home, or when moving from an apartment to another, your main concern is how to move in and who will do it.

In addition to the various natural worries when moving, you should also analyze which moving company will represent you during this process. Do not worry anymore! Our Mont-St-Hilaire Moving Company is at your disposal to bring you all the best solutions at affordable price.

If you live in or around Mont-St-Hilaire, you can contact us at any time. Here are some important details about our services.

Our Moving Service in Mont Saint-Hilaire

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  • Residential moving service in Mont Saint-Hilaire – professional and efficient movers who are responsible for your belongings since the moment of signing the moving contract until they wish you “Welcome to your new home!” after the service is well rendered
  • Commercial moving service in Mont Saint-Hilaire – movers specializing in commercial relocation projects who produce a high work output and are always attentive to details, whether it is transport of heavy equipment to Mont Saint-Hilaire or moving restaurant equipment, pizzeria, refrigerated display cases, safe or other heavy objects
  • Piano moving Mont Saint-Hilaire – piano movers with great experience and a high level of professionalism
  • Pool table moving Mont Saint-Hilaire –pool table installation in the most meticulous way, changing the carpet and levelling
  • Furniture assembly service in Mont Saint-Hilaire – home and office furniture assemblers
  • Last minute moving Mont Saint-Hilaire – last minute and emergency movers, no hidden fees guaranteed

Moving Price in Mont Saint-Hilaire

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Our moving rates in Mont Saint-Hilaire are very affordable and competitive. Each client can choose out of several options for moving to Mont Saint-Hilaire the most suitable and most personalized one. Please consult our Best Moving Price section to see and consider every option we offer.

However, most commonly our clients opt for 2 movers and a well-equipped 20-foot truck. The hourly rate in this case varies from $ 80 to $ 95 per hour.

Though, the above price is a reference price and it is formed according to several criteria:

  • the floors at the pickup address and the destination, if no other intermediary stop
  • the stuff to be moved (mostly light boxes/heavy large pieces)
  • the time of year (winter/summer), weather conditions
  • the time the move will take (day/night, short/medium/long)
  • fragile and non-fragile objects…

We charge a logical minimum of 2 hours of work and the travel fees, depending on the distance from initial location to the final one. It is the travel time that effectively compensates for the round trip gas costs. For each additional mover we charge an additional $ 30 per hour.

Our dynamic, friendly and competent teams of movers will offer you a neat, fast service without ever neglecting your special requests.


For a cheap moving service to Mont Saint-Hilaire, Get A Quote or call 514-652-7955

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