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Moving on July 1st in Montreal and Everywhere in Quebec

Moving on July 1st in Montreal and Everywhere in Quebec

Moving on July 1st in Montreal and Everywhere in Quebec

Why July 1St?

For almost 50 years now, July 1st goes hand in hand with moving in Quebec. Indeed, the musical chairs game of moving on July 1st takes place in the Greater Montreal Area and everywhere else in Quebec, as people change apartments or houses. It’s a unique phenomenon that exists only in Quebec, nowhere else in the world, and it has become a tradition now.

Moving on July 1st
Moving on July 1st

Before, the apartment leases could end any time during the year, with a concentration around May 1st. Moving at any point in time during the year is not convenient, especially in locations with harsh winters, like Quebec.

In 1974, the Quebec government adopted a law that forced apartment leases to end on June 30th, giving birth to the moving on July 1st phenomenon. The primary objective of that law was to allow students to finish their academic year in the same school as they started it. In addition, this eases up the moves, because it’s a paid holiday (Canada Day) so people don’t have to miss a work day.

But this created a high demand for movers and moving trucks around that day, thus an important price increase.

Strongly Rising Prices

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Mover services are among the services of which prices vary depending on the demand for moving on July 1st, simply because the offer is limited and is much smaller than the demand. Although many amateurs suddenly become movers for the summer, to compete against well-established companies like Demenagement Total, it is impossible to have enough arms to serve all clients wanting to do their moving on July 1st, when over 15% of tenants change address in just a few days, especially in major cities like Montreal, Laval, Brossard, Longueuil and the City of Quebec.

By force of circumstances, there are three moving seasons in Quebec. Let’s compare the price of a complete service (a 20-foot truck, plus 3 movers to move your belongings quickly), according to the various seasons:

  1. First, the low season, from August to April, during which you can find the best prices, offering the complete service ranging from $120 to $160 per hour;
  2. Then there’s the high season, covering May to July, excluding June 30th to July 2nd, this same complete service will then cost you from $150 to $280 per hour;
  3. Finally, the peak of moving on July 1st, from June 30 to July 2nd, when the complete service will cost you from $300 to $400 per hour, thus double of the rest of the high season.

Don’t Wait Any Longer and Book Us Right Now

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Just like building owners and tenants who must plan the important day for moving on July 1st, because they need to leave their apartment before the new tenant comes in their old apartment, but after the old tenant had left their new apartment, movers must also carefully plan their day to serve all their clients.

If you’re planning on moving on July 1st, you must contact a moving company as soon as possible. Why? First, to make sure the moving company of your choice can still assist you, because reservations are made early and the movers are quickly booked. Second, this allows the company to plan the work of their teams for that very busy day: for example, if you’re moving to city A and the company has another client moving away from City A, the company could dispatch the same team, and that could mean savings for you.

If you’re moving on July 1st, we strongly encourage you to contact us at least 3 or 4 months ahead, to get a good price and take advantage of our experience.

One of the Best Moving Companies in Montreal

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Demenagement Total is known as one of the best moving companies in Montreal, and we’re your best ally for moving on July 1st. The great flexibility of our equipment and employees allows us to give you a complete satisfaction, as shown by our many 5-star reviews given by our clients.

Our professional teams are highly qualified and responsible. They are punctual and work quickly, because we know how moving on July 1st is a complex task requiring everyone’s coordination, almost like a military operation.

Our movers have a vast experience and can easily take care of all your possessions: small or large, light or heavy, fragile or not. They’re not afraid of stairs and have at their disposal all the required equipment to ensure the proper handling of your household appliances and furniture in order for them to arrive in perfect condition in your new home.

Moving July 1st
Moving July 1st

We have trucks of every size to match your needs. Those trucks are well maintained and they’re equipped with everything needed to take care of any situation that might arise while moving on July 1st.

We can move all your belongings quickly and efficiently, over a short or a long distance. So, whether you’re moving within the Montreal region or elsewhere in Quebec, contact us early and we’ll see together how to complete your move with success. Moving is a complex process, let our expert movers help you during that important day and you’ll be able to focus on the other aspects of that important event.

Choose the Best Movers for July 1st

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Finally, Demenagement Total has all the required insurance coverage, unlike amateur movers, so we got you covered as well. Don’t forget we also offer you short-term storage services, in case you want to split your move to ease up your installation at your new location.


Why the moving price on July 1st is so high?
The price on July 1st for moving services in Quebec is significantly higher because of the excessive demand on the moving market.
Should I reserve the move a few months before July 1st?
Definitively yes. By reserving the services of a reliable company beforehand, the total cost of your move will be much cheaper.
What is the best moving company in Montreal for moving on July 1st?
It is a recognized Montreal moving company providing high quality services at good rates with extremely efficient movers.
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