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Affordable, But High-Quality Mover in Montreal

Affordable, But High-Quality Mover in Montreal

Affordable, but High-Quality Mover in Montreal


When you’re looking for a mover, you obviously hope to get the best quality/price ratio. It is difficult to sort it all among all the moving companies of a large city like Montreal. Especially during peak season, you’ll see many entrepreneurs improvising as movers and offering prices way below the market prices.
But doing business with such amateurs has an indirect cost, especially if problems happen during your move. It is much better to do business with an established company offering many services, an insurance coverage, robust trucks and well-trained employees.

In summary, you should be looking for an affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal.
That is not an easy feat, but we already gave you some information about that topic through previous blog articles about choosing the best moving company in Montreal, South Shore and North Shore, and to know the etiquette of a professional mover in Montreal.

Fortunately, you can count on Demenagement Total, your affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal.

A Large Fleet of Trucks

A high-quality mover in Montreal will have a large fleet of trucks of various sizes, to fully adapt to the need of its clients. After all, it makes little sense to move the contents of a small apartment with a large truck, just as it is unthinkable to transfer the contents of a large house in mini vans.

An affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal will then have a large selection of clean and well-maintained trucks in order to be able to use the best vehicles for any job.
An affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal will use only the required and the proper type of vehicles for your move, in order to optimize the efficiency of the move, but without inflating the bill with no reason.

The bigger the trucks, or greater the number of trucks or employees, the higher the cost of a move. Avoid useless expenses by doing business with Demenagement Total, a trustworthy company with an impeccable reputation.

Well-Trained Personnel

An affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal will have many teams of movers available to help many clients at the same time, even during peak periods.

Those employees, mostly strong men, are well trained to handle with care all your belongings, furniture and household appliances, whatever their nature or size.
Those employees have been trained in the use of professional moving equipment and accessories to ease up their job while ensuring the total integrity of the items they are entrusted with.
Employees of an affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal should also be able to dismantle and reassemble large complex furniture easily, in order to transport and protect them. That will avoid breakage and you will not need to call up a carpenter.

Many Services

A high-quality professional moving company will offer you various services related to moving and delivery. An affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal will have developed, through many years in the industry, some expertise in transferring complex items, like a piano or a pool table.

Among the other services offered by an affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal, we should find a turnkey service, taking care of all aspects of your move, from packing your belongings to their unpacking and the reassembling of large furniture.
A few really specialized companies, like Demenagement Total, can also offer you temporary storage services for your goods in the case of a two-phase move.

Even while offering affordable prices, an affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal must have a comprehensive insurance coverage in case of problems.
When you do business with an experienced company that has learned through the years to optimize its operations and to improve its professionalism, you can be reassured.
Demenagement Total has also specialized packages for small moves, like the move of students or of senior citizens.

We can also take care of any business, retail or industrial move, because we can assign as many resources as needed for your move, which can even be done at night or concentrated over a weekend, to minimize the impact on your business.

Short and Long Distance

An affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal will offer you moves over a short distance (also called a “local” move) or over a long-distance (anywhere in Canada), while optimizing the resources required to keep the bill low.

One of these measures could be, for example, to send only one driver per truck to your destination in another province to reduce the labor costs. The unloading would be taken care of by a partner company at the destination.

In Summary

An experienced company could be an affordable, but high-quality mover in Montreal, offering you first-class services, but at an affordable price.

The experience, the right equipment and the qualified personnel of a company active in the industry for many years can allow it to offer your very interesting prices.
Thus, avoid doing business with amateurs with rented trucks posing as movers to transport your most precious and fragile belongings.

It is much better to trust a well-established company like Demenagement Total which, thanks to its numerous years of experience, can offer you a large series of services at a great price that could even surprise you!
Do not hesitate more and contact us to see how we can help you with your next move and let us surprise you by the quality of our services as well as their low cost.

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