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Moving to Les Laurentides

Moving to Les Laurentides

Moving to Les Laurentides


Les Laurentides is, first of all, a vast region of Quebec, crossed by a mountain chain of the same name, but it is also a regional county municipality that includes about 20 towns of various sizes. That area is very popular and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Many people live and work in this area welcoming tourists from all over Quebec and all over the world.

Moving to Les Laurentides is opting for a stunning natural environment, avoiding all the stress from an urban area.
Most tourists come to the area for the Mont Tremblant mountain, both in the summer for hiking and in the winter for skiing. Skiers come from around the world to take advantage of the exceptional skiing conditions offered by Mother Nature.

Moving to Les Laurentides is having the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful scenery all year long, directly on your doorstep. To make such a transition, you can count on the professional movers of Demenagement Total.

Laurentides Region (The Laurentians)

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This regional county municipality regroups about 20 towns, from Val-Morin to Labelle, in an area covered with lakes and parks of all kinds (national, regional and fauna reserve). It is hard to find a more stunning environment to live in.

With the teleworking growing in acceptance, why not make the area your remote office and consider moving to Les Laurentides?
Major urban centres include Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts and, of course, the town of Mont-Tremblant. In both cases, you will find most services found in the big cities, but on a smaller scale.
Nature and the quality of life deriving from it are the primary reasons for moving to Les Laurentides. There are indeed few picturesque environments like this one in which to live, surrounded by an omnipresent nature with its mountains and hundreds of lakes.

There are so many lakes in the area that about half of the town names relate to a neighbouring lake. It is no surprise that so many people own a cabin or a secondary home in the area.
All along road 117, that crosses the regional county municipality, you will find charming tiny villages in which life happens at a different pace than the one you are used to. There are so many things to see and do in the region that you will not be bored.

That is a stunning area to visit, but even more to live in, that is why people have been moving to Les Laurentides.

Movers in Les Laurentides (The Laurentians)


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Located in the heart of the regional county municipality of Les Laurentides, the town of Mont-Tremblant is located over 100 km from Montreal. So, a move from the Great Montreal Area, including South Shore and North Shore, of course, is considered as a long-distance move.

Such a move differs from a local move, and you will greatly benefit from the expertise and experience of a company like Demenagement Total when moving to Les Laurentides.
We have an extensive experience in long-distance moves, from the region of Montreal to any destination in Quebec or in Canada. With us, your belongings, your furniture and your household appliances will be transported safely and will arrive at the destination in perfect condition.
Our expert movers will take care of disassembling your large furniture pieces (book cases, beds, multimedia furniture, pool table, piano, etc.) to transport them safely, and will reassemble them in their new home.

We can even take care of the packing for you, with our turnkey solution, when moving to Les Laurentides.
Of course, we can also move your store or your offices if you wish to relocate your business in the area. We have all the required equipment to transport all your commercial items: from glass counters to safes, including all the kitchen equipment of a restaurant or industrial machinery.

In Both Directions

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Although many people from the Montreal area are moving to Les Laurentides, some people do the trip in the other direction and leave the region to settle in the metropolitan area. However, they have a hard time finding locally a moving company capable of meeting all their needs.
It is then preferred to do business with a Montreal company, like Demenagement Total, offering all the moving services and having a large fleet of trucks of various sizes to satisfy all your moving needs.


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Moving to Les Laurentides is the dream of many people, because many people dream of such life environment. The 2020–2021 pandemic encouraged people to leave large urban areas to get closer to nature. Many have then decided to establish their new residence in the Laurentides region.
Making a long-distance move is never a simple task; it is thus better to rely on moving professionals to ensure the safe transportation of your belongings, furniture and household appliances.

Fortunately, in a large city such as Montreal, it is easy to find professional moving companies for all types of moves and transportation, like it is the case for Demenagement Total.
Do not hesitate any longer to contact us to discuss your needs related to your decision about moving to Les Laurentides, we will see how we can help you to make this important transition easier and prevent you a lot of worries. Request our free quote and you will see that quality moving services can be offered at a price more than reasonable. Our professional and dedicated employees will also do whatever they can to satisfy your needs and requests.

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