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Moving Charlemagne

Moving Charlemagne

If you are moving to Charlemgne, our company offers its services at the best prices. When choosing a mover, it is important to use the services of a reliable moving company, worthy of assisting you without unpleasant surprises. By hiring our company, we guarantee that your moving project will be a success and an experience to share.

Our low moving price compared to the high quality of service will make the difference. Our efficient movers will do their best to meet all of your needs. No matter how long the move takes, they will be meticulous and professional throughout the process.

Residential Moving Charlemagne

Moving Charlemagne - 2

Whether it’s a small or a big all-inclusive move in Charlemagne, we will find the best low cost moving solutions. We know how to make your move easier by giving you valuable tips on saving money. With our company, your move will be economical and of impeccable quality.

From a standard and ordinary move to an all-in “white gloves” move, our movers will prove their efficiency by speed of work, enthusiasm, care for your goods and respect. These are courteous and dynamic movers who take care of your moving project from A to Z without being guided: they know what and how to do.

Nevertheless, coming on clean and equipped moving trucks, they will listen to your instructions first and suggest tips to improve the moving process. We only use clean blankets to protect your furniture and appliances, carpets to protect all floor surfaces, stretch wrap for leather furniture and wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes.

If you need to dismantle and reassemble furniture, our removal teams are equipped with all the necessary tools at any time. However, if you are looking for a high-end furniture assembly service, let us know and our professional assemblers will come to you as soon as possible.

Commercial Moving Charlemagne

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As a commercial mover in Charlemagne, our company offers full local and long-distance relocation services. We provide professional services on relocating companies, retailers, manufacturers, various head offices, restaurants, etc.

Our strong movers, specialized in the delivery of heavy commercial goods, will transport any heavy item on our trucks equipped with ramp or tailgate. We also offer the possibility of using a crane truck for extremely heavy and bulky objects.

Our teams carry out moving projects from Charlemagne to any neighbourhood or borough of Montreal or to any city in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Manitoba.

Piano Moving Service in Charlemagne

Moving Charlemagne

If you are looking for a piano mover in Charlemagne, our piano moving experts will offer you the best possible service at competitive prices. No matter the size and type of your piano, it will be delivered safely and without damage to your staircases, walls or floor.

This is a top-notch piano moving service offered to our customers who need to reposition their upright piano or grand piano inside their house from one floor to another or to transport it to a different place.

Pool Table Moving Charlemagne: Transport and Installation of Pool Table

Moving Charlemagne

Are you looking for a company that specializes in moving pool tables in Charlemagne?

We offer our services on dismantling, packaging, transportation, professional installation, carpet replacement, upgrade and full pool table moving service in Charlemagne. This is a service provided only by very meticulous professionals who are attentive to details when transporting your pool table.

Long Distance Moving Charlemagne

Moving Charlemagne

Déménagement Total offers long distance relocation services to or from Charlemagne. No matter what province or city you move to or from, we will be able to make sure your long distance move goes smoothly.

Here are some examples of Charlemagne long distance moves:

Moving from Charlemagne to Toronto

Moving from Charlemagne to Ottawa

Moving from Charlemagne to Gatineau

Moving from Charlemagne to Quebec City

Moving from Charlemagne to Sherbrooke

Moving from Charlemagne to Trois-Rivieres

Moving Charlemagne to Magog

Moving Charlemagne to Rawdon

Moving Charlemagne to Shawinigan

Moving Charlemagne to Mont-Tremblant

Moving Charlemagne to Rimouski

Moving Charlemagne to Chicoutimi

Moving Charlemagne to Val-d’Or

Moving Charlemagne to Gaspe

Moving Charlemagne to Riviere-du-Loup

Moving Charlemagne to Halifax

Moving Charlemagne
Moving Charlemagne

Stress Free Quoted if Moving Charlemagne

Call the best movers in Charlemagne and throughout the region for a stress-free move at a very reasonable price. For a moving service in Charlemagne, please request a Quote or call 514-652-7955.The estimate will be sent to you almost immediately.


How much does it cost to move to Charlemagne?
During the low season, the price for a move to Charlemagne is approximately between $120 and $150 per hour, while in high season, it varies between $160 and $280, to which are added the travel costs of teams, depending on distance.
How to calculate the travel costs of a moving truck in Charlemagne?
Usually, truck moving costs are calculated as follows: the time to get to the customer's location before the move, plus the time to come back to the garage after the process. Generally, this time varies between 1 and 2 hours.
What are the usual tips for a mover in Charlemagne?
Situations and moves in Charlemagne may vary. However. We suggest a 5% tip on the total amount for movers if the customer is fully satisfied and their financial situation allows it.
Can I rent a moving truck in Charlemagne with Déménagement Total?
Yes, we rent moving trucks of all sizes with only our driver.
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