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Moving Nuns’ Island

Moving Nuns’ Island

Are you looking for a reliable moving company in Nuns’ Island providing highly professional moving services? Déménagement Total will support you throughout your residential moving Nuns’ Island project, whether it is a condo move to Nuns’ Island or a move to a single-family home.

Our business relocation service in Nuns’ Island is also available and it is a service offered to businesses that transfer their premises or their head offices or that need an office furniture assembly service. All these services are provided by professional, well-trained, courteous and careful movers.

Condo Moving Nuns’ Island

Our company has the good experience of moving luxury condos to Nuns’ Island skyscrapers. Whether it’s a small studio move or a large luxury apartment move with several appliances, lots of boxes and many pieces of furniture, our movers will always come on time and they will be very well equipped to provide you with impeccable service.

Our moving teams are used to removals that take place in large buildings in Nuns’ Island and that is why punctuality is very important to us.

We know that you will reserve a parking space for our moving truck, we already know all the procedures and steps to follow during such a move and we are aware that one of the agents will accompany us throughout the process with a dedicated and previously reserved elevator.

We give great importance to the cleanliness of our employees and the care taken for your property and for the building where you are moving.

Your Trusted Mover in Nuns’ Island

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Our moving company offers you high-end relocation services with qualified movers who will meet all your requirements. We pack everything you have in your condo and that you have to move into your new apartment or house in Nuns’ Island, in Montreal, Boucherville, Brossard, Candiac or elsewhere.

Our movers are careful and professional and they do not simply transport your goods, but they take care of the entire process, starting from advices given before moving Nuns’ Island until the 100% successful execution of your relocation project.

With a prior instruction, we will do packing and unpacking as well as the installation of all your objects of great value: paintings and vases, chandeliers and sculptures, safes and aquariums, works of art, antique tableware or antiques in general. We also specialize in transporting, installing and moving pool tables in Nuns’ Island. Our technicians, on your request, will replace the carpet of your pool table and upgrade it.

For moving an upright piano or a grand piano, we are the right experts to provide you with the specialized piano moving service in Nuns’ Island. This is a top-notch service rendered by our high-performance movers.

Our mission is to provide the best turnkey moving services in order to attract as many residential and commercial customers as possible. Our competent movers in Nuns’ Island are always ready to listen to your most delicate needs and they will support you every step of the way.

Prices for Our Moving Services in Nuns’ Island

Price for moving services in Nuns’ Island
Type of service Hourly rate/flat rate for movers in Nuns’ Island
Price for a small apartment move to Nuns’ Island $100-115
Price for moving a big house to Nuns’ Island $130-180
Price for moving a commercial printer to Nuns’ Island $450-800
Price for moving large gun safe to Nuns’ Island $400-1000
Flat rate, furniture delivery to Nuns’ Island $200-300
Price for furniture assembly in Nuns’ Island $100-125
Price for moving un upright piano to Nuns’ Island $350-900
Price for moving a grand piano to Nuns’ Island $650-1150
Fixed price for moving a pool table to Nuns’ Island $650-1100
White-glove moving services in Nuns’ Island $135-185
Heavy object moving by a crane in Nuns’ Island $900-1350
Night shift moving jobs in Nuns’ Island $150-180

Office Relocation in Nuns’ Island

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If your company is looking for a commercial mover in Nuns’ Island and it needs to transport heavy office objects such as a large photocopier or office printer, or you want to order an office furniture assembly, our specialists are always ready to help you, no matter the size and scale of your project.

We will adapt to your schedule and involve as many trucks and movers as you need.

Our skills allow us to move high-value furniture. You shall take advantage of our full service from a professional dismantling to reassembly and installation. We use new and thick blankets only to protect your valuables and bubble wrap for your fragile items. We will also protect your floor from scratches with a neoprene moving mat.

Long Distance Moving Nuns’ Island

If you need safe long distance transportation and are planning your long distance move to or from Nuns’ Island, we suggest you call us for a quote and we assure you of our low prices.

We provide long distance moving services from Nuns’ Island to Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Hamilton, Kingston or moving Nuns’ Island to Ottawa, Gatineau, moving Nuns’ Island to Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Magog, moving Nuns’ Island to Trois-Rivieres, moving Nuns’ Island to Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Sauveur, moving Nuns’ Island to Blainville, Saint-Jerome, or moving Nuns’ Island to Chicoutimi, Val-d’Or, Gaspé, Saguenay and to other provinces such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba. 

For affordable moving rates in Nuns’ Island, Get A Quote or call us at 514-652-7955

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