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Moving Ville-Marie

Moving Ville-Marie

Do you plan a big or small moving project in Ville-Marie, Montreal? Our Montreal moving company is proud to be one of the companies headquartered in this great city. Our moving activity of different types of dwellings is mainly focused on the Island of Montreal and our efforts are enormous to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing professional moving services at the best possible price.

Déménagement Total is your trusted moving company in Ville-Marie, a borough representing both the business center and the historic center of Montreal. It is a residential-commercial mixed-use development where we also find ourselves as a major provider of condo moving and office relocation services.

How to Choose Your Mover in Montreal?

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For choosing a moving company in Montreal, we encourage you to consider the following facts:

  • how long the moving company has been in business
  • free moving estimate service
  • moving reviews (see reviews on Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • movers’ experience
  • moving price moving service quality comparison
  • moving equipment used
  • degree of cleanliness of the moving trucks
  • no extra for appliances
  • customer service.

Apartment Moving Services in Ville-Marie

Moving Ville-Marie

Whether it is a small move of a studio for students or a large-scale moving project for a luxury apartment with several household appliances, many boxes and lots of pieces of furniture, our Ville-Marie movers will always come on time and they will be very well equipped in order to provide top-notch and impeccable service.

Our movers are professionals who protect your furniture well using padded blankets, a neoprene mat to protect your floor, plastic bags for mattresses, adhesive tapes, 4 and 2-wheel dollies, wardrobe boxes, and all this is coming alongside with clean and well maintained moving trucks.

We clean our trucks on a daily basis and we disinfect them regularly. In addition, many years ago our company made the decision of never serving customers who stay in dirty places. This preventive measure is protecting not only our customers, but also our staff. Our movers are clean and we like cleanliness!

Commercial Moving Service in Ville-Marie

Moving Ville-Marie

The borough of Ville-Marie is one of the most vibrant areas of Montreal. There are skyscrapers, several shopping centers, restaurants, as well as shops on Saint Catherine Street. It is a borough where we offer and provide our commercial moving services from a small commercial delivery of a refrigerated display case to a large turnkey relocation of your business in Ville-Marie.

We also provide piano moving service in Ville-Marie and it is a service offered by experts in professional piano transportation and moving, whether it is an upright piano, a grand piano or a harpsichord.

If you have enough space and you have decided to buy a pool table, we offer our pool table moving service in Ville-Marie. It is a professional service accompanied by an adequate and meticulous installation of your table.

The quality of our commercial moving services in Ville-Marie is constantly bringing us new customers and this encourages us to invest more and more in our trucks, personnel, equipment and, inevitably, to enlarge our portfolio and do even more remarkable our reputation as a reliable company in Montreal.

Long Distance Moving Ville-Marie

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If you need safe long distance transportation and are planning your long distance move to or from Ville-Marie, we suggest you call us for a quote and we assure you of our low prices.

We provide long distance moving services from Ville-Marie to Toronto, Mississauga, or moving Ville-Marie to Ottawa, Gatineau, Quebec, moving Ville-Marie to Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres, Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Sauveur, moving Ville-Marie to Chicoutimi, Val-d’Or, Gaspésie, Saguenay and to other provinces such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Manitoba.

Moving Ville-Marie
Moving Ville-Marie

Reserve A Parking while Moving Ville-Marie

To reserve a parking space during a move in Ville-Marie, please follow the instructions described in the link below:


Moving Ville-Marie
Moving Ville-Marie
Get the Best Quote if Moving Ville-Marie 

For getting a quote from the best moving company in Ville-Marie, Get A Quote or call 514-652-7955. We’ll get back to you within 15 to 60 minutes with a comprehensive and free of charge estimate.

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