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Moving Anjou

Moving Anjou

Do you have a moving project in Anjou? Whether it is a residential move or a commercial move (business relocation, professional transfer), it is very important to find a trusted moving company in Montreal, which would organize your move calmly and efficiently.

Déménagement Total is a reliable and serious moving company that will support you in your change of address in Anjou. Our Anjou movers will meet all your relocation needs and requirements for locally moving in your borough or elsewhere.

Residential Moving Service in Anjou

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With our professional movers in Anjou, your move will represent an easy and stress-free experience. Choosing our Déménagement Total moving company will bring you the perfect solution for your residential local moving Anjou.

Our residential moving service includes the dismantling of furniture, packing of your fragile items as well as your furniture and appliances, loading, transportation using our equipped moving trucks and of course, unloading, unpacking and furniture assembly thereafter.

You Can Always Reduce the Cost of Moving in Anjou

Take advantage of our low moving prices in Anjou, and consider the following tips as such:

√ dismantle the furniture before the move and reassemble it afterwards;

√ do the packing by yourself;

√ bring small boxes, suitcases, plastic bags, bicycles individually, as you should know that sometimes these can take much longer than moving household appliances or large items of furniture;

√ enable the access of the moving truck so that it is as close as possible to your front door;

√ remove the snow in the front of your house.

Taking these advices into account and with a little effort from your side, you will certainly lower the cost of your move.

Commercial Moving Anjou: Professional Commercial Movers 

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Taking into consideration the geographical location of Anjou on the Island, at the intersection of highway 25 and the Metropolitan highway, this borough represents an important commercial and industrial crossroad in Greater Montreal.

In Montreal, there is no doubt that our company provides most of its commercial and industrial moving services especially in Anjou, considering its industrial park, which counts more than 600 companies. Due to our storage services, assembly of office furniture in Anjou and our complete turnkey commercial moving service, we are hired by a large number of companies located in this borough.

Long Distance Moving from and to Anjou

For a long distance move from Anjou or to Anjou, our company provides long distance business relocation services or long distance residential moving services.

Entrust us with your “Anjou Long Distance Move” and your belongings will safely arrive the next day in any city in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Manitoba.

We will be happy to offer you our packages and flat rates for long distance moves such as:

Moving Anjou to Gatineau

Moving from Anjou to Ottawa

Moving Anjou to Quebec City

Moving Anjou to Trois-Rivieres

Moving Anjou to Drummondville

Moving Anjou to Sherbrooke

Moving from Anjou to Toronto

Moving Anjou to Mont-Tremblant

Moving from Anjou to Mississauga

Moving Anjou to Rimouski

Moving Anjou to Val-d’Or

Moving Anjou to Gaspé


It is important to deal with real movers and with a trustworthy moving company locally or long distance. If choosing the right moving service provider, you’ll avoid any stress and discomfort.

Sometimes it even happens that if doing a move by yourself, it could cost you more money than if hiring our professional movers. So do not hesitate!

Watch what people say about us on our YouTube channel or consider our reviews on Google.

For any questions regarding your moving Anjou project, please fill out the Get A Quote form or call 514-652-7955

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