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Moving Old Montreal

Moving Old Montreal

Are you moving to the exciting neighbourhood of Old Montreal? When carrying out moving projects in this historic place, our movers have special sensations admiring this neighbourhood, which is actually one of the oldest urban areas of North America.

Whether we provide residential moving service in Old Montreal or a commercial moving service designed particularly for the restaurants, shops, bars and any type of businesses, our Déménagement Total’s movers will provide with the highest level of professionalism at the best moving rates.

Your Reliable Old Montreal Movers

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From basic standard move to a turnkey white-glove moving service in Old Montreal, we take the utmost care of your belongings. Our well-trained movers will perform highly professional packing of all your items. We have all the necessary resources to handle any type of relocation and our reliable movers will prove a high speed of work all over the moving process.

Our transparent and fair moving prices are designed to serve all customers, no matter the type or the duration of the move. We approach every move individually and we adapt to your specific needs at any time. We strive to earn the ongoing trust and respect of our customers and our strengths are the punctuality, professionalism, speed of work and courtesy.

Why Hire Professional Movers in Old Montreal?

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Sometimes people think that it is much more cost-effective and easier to make a move by themselves by renting a truck and working on their own. We encourage such people but, honestly, there are extremely rare cases when non-specialists know how to properly handle such a meticulous process as moving.

There is no doubt that any person is capable of doing moving. However consider this:

  1. for performing a good move you’ll need floor runners and blankets for protecting your furniture, appliances, walls, etc.
  2. for heavy items you’ll need lifting straps to easily handle or, in general, to lift them from the ground
  3. a truck for transporting all your goods, preferably an aluminum ramp equipped truck
  4. at least one family member or friend who is comfortable with doing such physical effort-involving exercises

Relatively estimated expenses while moving out on your own:

  1. an elementary moving kit including about 10 blankets, 1 tape and 1 lifting strap is approximately $80-120
  2. the average 20ft truck rental price in Montreal is $100-140 a day (it is quite difficult to rent a truck for a few hours and even so, there is no big price difference)
  3. fuel consumption, depending on the distance (let us presume a 50km run back and forth will cost you $20-40)

Subsequently, in the event if you are doing your move personally, we assume calculating a rough cost estimate to $200-300, provided that you will comply with the aforementioned conditions as to the distance, number of moving blankets, etc. This is just a price simulation and it should be never considered as a rule or a standard and it depends on many factors. Nevertheless, do not forget that in order to handle bulky and heavy items, a good physical condition is absolutely necessary and sometimes it is even vital. And yes, no insurance covering eventual damages to your belongings nor to your home will be available if you do it by yourself.

Our conclusion is as follows: simply entrust you moving project to professionals and avoid all hassle! Our moving pricing policy is designed so that your moving costs are almost the same as if doing it on your own. Good movers at good rates – this is your optimal formula for saving your time and money!

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